How it works

To make things more simple and easy for you to understand, learn below to know more about how we fraternize this whole wedding photography work.

We Meet And Talk Photography

Choosing a professional team of photographers is a gigantic decision, as the bottom line is your photos that make your wedding memories live even after decades. Among all this its very important to have a fruitful and rich conversation between both the parties, after all he’ll be there for the whole day. 


So our first priority is always to have a nice cup of coffee or virtual meeting, whichever suits the best for a high yielding meeting. Our meeting typically last for about 45 - 60 minutes, covering the major aspects like approach to photography, day flows to get the best out at last i.e the mesmerising memories.


Booking And Planning

After a lovely coffee in personnel and you’re happy with the whole process to be followed, the next step is Booking. Just say the simple words “We want to book you!!”, as simple as that. Followed by the initial deposit the booking is 100% confirmed.


With so much fun, a few couples even like the idea to get captured for an engagement shoot. Reason behind, they get plenty of time to roam around and have beautiful images, which is a little more restricted on the wedding day. As far as our experience speaks this session results in much more alluring photos.  


Two months before the wedding, we will share a list of questionnaires. Based on which we will be planning the day: where to start from, timings, the maid of honour and the best man (just in case!), a list for the formal photos, etc. We can also schedule calls at any point of time stage. Then we're all set for the big day!

The bride is here

And the day has finally arrived. After all that planning, we start whenever you need it, be it dusk to dawn to photograph the whole story, from beginning to the happy ending. We catch it all: the giggles, the final dress adjustments, the makeup process, the giftings, and etc.


The groom is here

Same goes for the handsome on the floor! It's our efforts that make your big memories live forever. Starting from dressing, struggling for that dazzling tie to put on, etc. This is one of the great reasons why having two photographers are considered by us, there's one with the bride, and another one with the groom. 


With enthralling music in the background, she walks in with all eyes on her. It's not just a ceremony, but an emotional moment walking with her Dad aside, giggling with her best mates, trying to hide all her hassles of the day, and exciting at the same time. This is the time we did our job : a cross-shoot capturing the emotion and the people she loves behind her and some other cameras will also be followed to get the symmetrical shots that you won’t even notice were there.


Crazy Dancing 

Capturing the whole wedding, it ends with even more astonishing shoots, and we get them all. Using awesome light to isolate the dancers on floor from the scene. At the same time we make sure to strike the right balance between getting that EPIC shot, and let your guests enjoy the day at their fullest.

Into The Night!

As the moon rises, under the beauty of twinkling stars the feel of the ambience changes. Those seven Oaths under the dim star lights and lighting fire, we capture the best by using all the creative possibilities it offers and make the best use of your venue.


Your Data

Now is the time when your guests head for their rooms as the wedding ceremony is over and we pack up our gear. We did it all, making a beautiful relationship with you and leaves with a warm hug. The next morning after a full hectic day, we can’t wait to see what we have captured and excited to share them with you. Every shot is personally edited by AEON‘s expert editors. You will have complete access to your 800 - 1200 photos in full resolution once they are ready. 

You will be handed over with the shots in an artistically customized wooden box with a USB stick. These will be your photos without any witless watermark so you are free to get them printed, share them on your social networks and save them for your upcoming generation.

Your Album

Here comes the most awaited thing once all the wedding ceremonies are done, The Wedding Album. We provide utterly gorgeous and massive albums to keep your memories in the most beautiful way possible.


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