Wedding Photography

What does the coverage include?

Every shot you are expecting from getting ready, to ceremony, from reception, to dance, party and all those gorgeous moments. 


No Limit on time, no limits on photos and no limit to location, we provide a comprehensive coverage. Tell your wedding story to the whole world in the most beautiful and creative way possible.


How many images will we receive?

As the first answer suggests our goal is to tell our story with the great shots. We always prioritize quality over quantity. We would share a couple of hundred photos with a WOW factor rather than thousand’s with an average click. You would approximately receive 800 - 1000 clicks over the period of 40-50 hours with hand editing.

I'm getting married abroad. Can you capture our wedding there?

We would love to travel and would love to cover weddings as far as Singapore! Sounds great!!. Irrespective of your wedding location, we will be there to capture your moments. Just share as an email with all your details and we will be there.

When will I receive the images?

The answer is very simple: just a few days of your wedding. On an average it will take just 4 to 8 weeks to artistically master your images, design your web gallery and the customized USB box.

As soon as we start editing your photos we’ll send you  even more sneak peeks.

Do you take the traditional posed group photos?

A big Yes! We take the huge, full group photos and also the traditional family posed photos.

I hate having my photos taken. Can you help?

Oh God this is the most common situation we face, couples hate getting clicked. And we understand their situation, even though we hate posed, cheesy and fake photos. That is why everything our team captures is way natural, authentic and real. We believe people look beautiful the way they are and not in those magazine poses. We will make you feel so comfortable that you would forget we’re there, just blend in and click.

How early should I book?

As soon as possible, isn't it amazing? Usually we get booked 12-16 months in advance though there's always a chance we might be free!

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